Football, the greatest sport on Earth

25-best-football-w_1484507cIt is undeniable fact that football is considered to be one of the most-played sports all over the world. In some countries, this sport considered being a sacred one. And even some countries adopt the ball in their national flag, Brazil for an instance. It is very rare these days where you can find any place on this planet where people do not play this astonishing sport.

Believed to be born in Europe more hundreds of years ago, this sport has rapidly grown into a magnificent entertainment all over the world with capitalism reaching trillions of US Dollars as of today.

Some major football leagues

soccer-fileminimizerIt is well known to all football enthusiasts and lovers that Europe has been the center of attention and attractions of football for decades. This is the place where most top football clubs in the world are located and originated.

The continent has some of the best and major football leagues in the world. England Premier League (EPL) is certainly sitting on top of the list. Seria-A in Italy could be the next to Spanish football league. Let’s not forget the German with their Bundesliga where many top players from all over the world are playing.

bigstadiumFootball is a great business and commercially very large. Trillions of US Dollars are circling in this sport. Some top players have a yearly contract with an astonishing amount of money.

Recently, Pogba, African originated football player, a British citizen, reached more than 100 Million Euro contract and elected to be the most expensive football player on the planet, leaving the well-known Christiano Ronaldo behind after years sitting on the top of the list. And we do not seem to be able to see the end as the trend of increasingly expensive players seems to be getting high from time to time.