Growing trend of MMA


Martial arts, until less than 4 decades ago, are more to be a skill of self-defence against any possible life threatening attacks from any other (usually) human being. The sports aspect of this has not much considered being sport enough to be played in an arena. So, that is how it was with martial arts.

The skills have been taught and well passed for thousands of years. Believed that modern martial arts have their root from the ancient Kalaripayat skill of self-defence in the ancient India from more than 5000 years ago.

The skill then brought to China by the greatest Bodhi Dharma who thought Buddhism nearly 3000 years ago and then transformed to be what so-called Kung Fu as we know today.

From thousands of years journey, the martial arts have been well grown and developed into more complicated ground fighting skill as we know today as Mixed Martial Art

How it all started?

easports_mma_screenshot_656x369It is believed that a person named Robert Gracie from early 20th century to be the first person where mixed martial art was played in real ground. Back then, he challenged countless numbers of people to beat him on a bare hand fighting and he won all of them with no single loss at all. He became so famous and that is where Gracie Jiu Jitsu all started back then.

mmaThen, 2 decades ago, a formal fighting area and entertainment show were introduced. UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) started and (guess what) Robert Gracie’s grandson named Royce Gracie won the 1st title and few more titles afterwards. That increased the famous of the sport.

Today, MMA is a great entertainment and business at the same time. Fighting clubs are all over the place and Brazil, where Brazilian Jiu Jitsu was originated, remain one of the places where famous fighters are born.